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Contractors You Can Trust

Your safety is our importance

We specialise in the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, a trained and competent company you can trust.

With clients all over the UK, we stride to beat competitors, expanding our relationship with new and existing clients.


Non - Licensed Asbestos works

​Non licensed asbestos work is low grade works (as we name it) meaning the asbestos works carried out is usually short duration and will not exceed the control limit of fibre release.

There are many different types of asbestos treatment, removal and disposal works that fall under the non licensed category, this means as a company we have a large range of services to offer our clients.

Free quotation and pricing

As a company we provide free quotes as part of our service. We would advise a site visit in order to provide an accurate quote tailored to your project however a generic quote can be provided based on photos and measurements via phone or email. 

Most of our clients have found site visits beneficial as it allows our experienced team to advise you on what method is most suitable for your project as well as giving you a chance to meet the team and provide you with confidence that we are the best solution for you.

Carrying out the works

Risk assessments are carried out for each individual project to ensure the safety of our team and most importantly our clients and the public. The works will commence on the date agreed with our client and any pre planned arrangements will be confirmed so we can ensure safe working is carried out. Projects will be completed in a safe and professional manner.

End of project inspections are important to us as this confirms client satisfaction and great for company feedback.


Each client will receive two forms; a completion of work form and a waste transfer form.

Waste Transfer - To confirm the hazardous waste is going to a licensed landfill to be disposed of.

Job Completion - Will confirm the job is done to a satisfactory standard and signed off by the client and site team.


We ask clients to leave us a review on how well the works went and give us a star rating for future partnerships.

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