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Asbestos Sampling & Testing

If you are not planning to do any work, you do not need to test for asbestos.

Before doing any testing you must make sure all the correct procedures are in place and all seek professional help or advice.

Sampling Asbestos Materials

Sampling does not require an asbestos licence.

  • If it has already broken off, you can take the sample yourself if there is no risk of spreading debris or exposing yourself to dust.

    • Watch where you walk!

    • Dampen the sample

    • Place it in a self-sealing polythene bag

    • Put this in a second self-sealing bag.

    • Label it.

    • Make arrangements for analysis by a UKAS accredited asbestos-testing laboratory. (See related links on right)

  • Otherwise, engage a UKAS accredited asbestos-testing laboratory to take samples. (See related links on right)

Point out your site hazards to sampling teams, including means of safe access to heights. Provide them with keys, etc.

You and your employees should keep well away during sampling.  The samplers normally need respiratory protection.

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